Before before Judge Rovanna, Loki inquires how he should plead. Mobius gets to observe the show unbeknownst to the audience. Loki claims that he did not commit the crime of destroying the Sacred Timeline, and believes that the Avengers are the ones who truly deserve punishment. If he is given with a team to help, he is ready to give them over. Rovanna explains to Hawkeye that the Avengers have completed their missions. Loki feels that if only he could talk to the Timekeepers, the gods directly, perhaps they might explain to him who he is intended to be. After much consideration, he finally pleads guilty and attempts to utilize his powers, which will be of little value. Loki is judged guilty of the charges against him and condemned to be reset. Loki is extremely angry about the fact that his existence is being run by an unyielding and unknowable system and that no one recognizes his true potential. Mobius states that he knows about Loki’s abilities, and offers the judge who grants him permission to take Loki to talk to him. Mobius leads Loki into TVA, where Loki receives a glimpse of how highly sophisticated the outside world is.

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TV Status: In Production

Duration: 45 min